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    ​I am training as a student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Tom Davey.

    After receiving my blue belt, I started thinking about how I could immerse myself even more in the world of BJJ.

    Realising that I had always had a passion to help people improve in other sports I have been involved in, I wanted to help people explore the world of BJJ that I enjoy so much.

    This is why I started Victor Harbor Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

    Get started today with a week of free classes, I would love to be a part of your journey.


    for your overall health?

    • Increased focus at work and home
    • Increase self confidence
    • Lose Weight 
    • Release energy
    • Find a healthy hobby
    • Make new friends


    for your overall health?

    • Increased focus at work and home
    • Increase self confidence
    • Lose Weight 
    • Release energy
    • Find a healthy hobby
    • Make new friends 

    See yourself grow

    The unique thing about BJJ is that most training is done ‘wrestling’ on the ground to enable a smaller opponent to overcome a larger opponent easily without the use of striking. By training this way, you can go ‘all out’ without injury giving you the confidence to tackle any confrontation, be it physical or mental.

    fun meets fitness

    for skills & attitudes taught

    Our gyms ethos is training in an environment that is fun, friendly and peaceful unlike other gyms where sometimes ego dominates. This way, true learning occurs and ironically, our students have shown on many occasions to surpass those of other schools because ego doesn’t get in the way of our students reaching their own potential.



    Matt is a great coach and long time student of mine. His family friendly approach is fantastic and I highly suggest people take the time to have a free week of training here to get started in BJJ! (-: Tom Davey

    Coach Tom Davey

    Absolutely professional coach with easy explained techniques and kind mannerisms. My son has ADHD and Matt is extremely patient and understanding with him! Finally a club where he is comfortable accepted and will thrive to learn for his confidence and safety ❣️

    LJ Hill Chilton

    Matt has been my constant training partner for over 3 years, he is a highly technical jiu-jitsu practitioner and a very good coach to go with it. Anybody training under Matt is going to thoroughly enjoy their jiu-jitsu journey.

    Peter Kendrick

    Coach Matt is a really knowledgeable teacher.
    I respect his dedication and appreciation of all his students. I will be staying for many years!

    Christopher Zuidam

    Matt and the team were great and i really appreciated the warm welcome and the opportunity to train away from home
    5 stars

    Adam Wright

    Love the community Coach Matt is teaching. Everyone including Coach is friendly, kind and cares for you and your safety in the gym. Love having new people on the mats to drill with and to make new friends.

    Amber Rice

    if your looking to try a new sport or even work on some fitness in a new way this is an amazing place to do it. Matt is a great coach and his friendly approach is is something that made me feel comfortable straight away. the first week is free so you have an opportunity to try it out completely free to see if it's something you'd be interested in.

    Will Paxton

    Coach Matt provides a fantastic environment for both kids and adults interested in learning BJJ. He has a genuine passion in teaching and promotes the technical and practical applications of BJJ. His classes will improve your fitness and self confidence, all while providing safe and supportive instruction. Its a great club with friendly people.

    Rusty Oxide Koch

    Matt is a highly skilled coach, who is always encouraging yet truthful. He is very welcoming. Definitely give it a go if you’re thinking about it.

    Rosey Potts

    Had an awesome time training with my jiu-jitsu brother coach Matt , his instructions are easy to follow and has solid technique �

    Rhys Mather

    Personalised coaching

    Fun training environment



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